Dark Sky Awakens Festival Coonabarabran 2nd – 4th October 2021

Bowie Un-zipped

Intergalactic Cabaret featuring Bowie Unzipped

Siths, Droids, Nightsisters, Storm troopers, Jedi, Princesses & even the odd Wookie will be transporting in from galaxies far, far away to join the Dark Sky Awakens crew for an Intergalactic Cabaret celebrating all things Star Wars!

Dress up in your favourite Intergalactic outfit, enter an alternative universe & join us as Coonabarabran Town Hall is Empire Central Saturday 2nd October 2021

Sons of Obi Wan Saber Academy

If you’ve ever wanted to be a Jedi, Sith or Sword Master this is your chance! Sons of ObiWan will have you swinging a saber like Yoda himself in no time

Starfest 2021

StarFest opens Siding Spring Observatory to the public for a weekend extravaganza of events held over the October long weekend.

Starting Friday “Science in the Pub” and on Saturday we OPEN our doors and Telescopes to everyone for OPEN DAY.

Star Wars fans and space-loving families are invited to round up their rebel alliance, load their light sabers, saddle up their starships and prepare to come over to the dark side at the Coonabarabran Dark Sky Awakens Festival.

Taking place from 1-3 October 2021, the inaugural festival coincides with Starfest, the Siding Spring Observatory’s extravaganza event, to celebrate all things space and Star Wars in the Astronomy Capital of Australia.

Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy will have visitors swinging a saber like Yoda himself, and the laser tag arena will settle the argument between the dark side and light side once and for all. Put your Star Wars knowledge to the test at the triviaquiz, take a look at the technologies used in the Star Wars movies over the past 38 years with Donna the Astronomer, and see who will be crowned the Supreme Commander at the Lego building competition.

Friends and foes from all factions will come together at the Intergalactic Cabaret, with entertainment by the Starman himself, Jeff Duff and the Bowie Unzipped band. A Jedi meditation and recovery BBQ breakfast & markets fit for a Galactic Emperor will provide the perfect wind down from a weekend of fun.

Enter an alternate galaxy at Coonabarabran’s Dark Sky Awakens Festival, and get there any way you can – be it via starfighter, shuttle, AT-AT or speeder. In the words of Yoda, “Your path you must decide.”