Laser Tag

The battle between the dark-side or the light-side !

This activity will give you the opportunity to live out your favourite sci-fi heroes by engaging with the enemy using laser guns. In two teams of 5 the objective will be to gain points by seeking out and ‘shooting’ those on the opposing team without being shot yourself. The “Cobra” laser guns use safe infrared light and radio signals. There will be bunkers and barricades to hide behind as you chase down the enemy side.

This game is for Grade 5’ers up. It’s a fantastic family game.

Each session will take 60 mins which includes three 15min games and a 15 min set up/instruction time.

As places are limited, book early. You can purchase you tickets as a “Team”or individually. Organisers will put together teams on the day for individual players. There will be drinks and snacks for sale on site.