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Find direct links here to our ticket partner 123Tix where you can buy tickets for all the main event in the 2020 Dark Sky Awakens Festival!

Intergalactic Ball

Siths, Droids, Nightsisters, Storm troopers, Jedi, Princesses & even the odd Wookie will be transporting in from galaxies far, far away to join the Dark Sky Awakens crew for an Intergalactic Ball celebrating all things Star Wars! 

Star Wars Trivia Night

The Dark Sky Awakens festival begins with our massive night of Star Wars trivia. Get your teams together for a fun night of trivia covering all the eras of Star Wars, from 1970s to brain-teasers to present day insider trivia from the set of The Rise of Skywalker.

Festival Goose Chase

Grab your team of 4 and register for the Dark Sky Awakens Festival Goose Chase which will run over the 3 days of the 2020 Dark Sky Awakens Festival. Using the Goose Chase App on your mobile phone your team can access and complete a vast range of missions – involving taking photos and/or videos, entering text or GPS coordinates of various locations, events and challenges.

Intergalactic Laser Tag

The battle between the dark-side or the light-side ! This activity will give you the opportunity to live out your favourite sci-fi heroes by engaging with the enemy using laser guns. In two teams of 5 the objective will be to gain points by seeking out and ‘shooting’ those on the opposing team without being shot yourself. 

The Science of Star Wars

Learn about the Science of Star Wars with Donna the Astronomer. The technologies of tomorrow were on full display back in 1977 as Luke, Leia, Han and the Rebel Alliance fought Darth Vader’s Galactic Empire. Some of those Technologies have become realities today. Others are just over the horizon and sadly, some may never become reality.

Lego Building Competition

Lego Building Competition for kids and grownups! Can you use the Force when it comes to being a master Lego builder? On Saturday morning May 9 Coonabarabran Library will host an intergalactic Lego building competition where Lego fans of all ages can show off their skills with the Brick!

Sons of Obi Wan Saber Academy

If you’ve ever wanted to be a Jedi, Sith or Sword Master this is your chance! Sons of ObiWan will have you swinging a saber like Yoda himself in no time.

Jedi Meditation with Knights of the New Republic

A Jedi Meditation Master from Narrabri will be offering Jedi Meditation on Saturday 9th May from 10am. 30-minute sessions will transport you to other worlds of relaxation with a Certified Meditation Teacher.

Child care for the Intergalactic Ball

We will host a night of fun for the kids right next door to the Ball Venue! A Professional child care educator & staff will entertain your primary age Ewoks, Princesses and Yoda’s with games, dress up competitions, refreshments and more from 6pm to 12am.